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Merger of 3 RE board


Robin Lucy, the new chair of the Jeffco Realtor Association, would like to see the merger of three area boards completed by early next year.

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There has been a lot of behind-the-scenes buzz among top officials in the world of Denver-area real estate this month regarding merging three real estate associations- the Denver Board of Realtors, North Metro Realtors Association and Jefferson County Association of Realtors. If it happens, it would create the largest Realtor-association in the state.

On Monday, Robin Lucy, who last week was inducted as the new chairman of the Jefferson County Association of Realtors, effective Oct. 1, has gone public with the information.

A press statement released on Monday noted that at Lucy’s acceptance speech last Thursday, he spoke about efforts to unify the three Realtor associations. Combined, the three boards would have  in the neighborhood of 5,000 members.

The vision for the new association includes having a “central and highly visible Realtor campus with strategically located service centers needs-based flex space throughout the area and a commitment to lower infrastructure costs,” according to the release.  Lucy’s goal is to have the JCAR membership vote in late November and a completed, unified association by late January 2011. Lucy, on Tuesday morning, said that he does not officially become the chairman of the board until Oct. 1, so he cannot go into details about the merger at this time. He did say the boards plan to release a joint statement at some point.

Lambert keeping members in the loop

Earlier, Barbara Lambert, CEO of the Denver Board of Realtors, sent out a memorandum to members, explaining that the during the past eight months, the seven metro-area Realtor associations, with the assistance of the National Association of Realtors, had been exploring unification options.

Lambert, in the memorandum she sent to members, noted that  “we are pleased to tell you,” that the the three board – Denver, Jefferson and North Metro – are working to unify into one board, which with about 5,000 members, creating the largest in Colorado. However, Lambert emphasized it is not a done deal, as “several significant issued need to be addressed before we can join forces.” And the “top priority” of the association is to “ensure that our members will directly benefit,” from unification.

“Even though the three local associations involved have unique histories and differences in culture, they have always shared a common set of objectives – to meet the needs of members in supporting their businesses and in advancing the profession,” Lambert wrote in the memorandum. “Once the three associations have completed their due diligence, the proposal to unify will be voted upon by members of each association, as required. In the coming weeks we will provide additional information about the unification, its benefits and how you can become involved in helping to craft the new organization.”

It there is a unified organization, Lambert said in the memorandum that association leadership believes it would mean:

  • A broader and deeper range of marketing tools to meet real estate business needs.
  • Expanded educational opportunities.
  • A commitment to innovation, ensuring your next-generation technology solutions.
  • Expedited resolution for mediation and arbitration.
  • Stronger advocacy and influence in political affairs.
  • More involvement and greater resources for community outreach.
  • Economies of scale, helping control costs and improve budgets.
  • Enhanced member services.

Lambert, in the memorandum, notes that unification of Realtor associations are becoming more common nationwide. For example, two associations in the Miami, Fla., area recently merged.

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