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Seattle tops Denver in another way



  • Apartment Guide releases top 10 cities for green apartments.
  • Wouldn’t you know it: Seattle was No. 1.
  • Denver didn’t even come in second this time.
Denver-based Zocalo Community Development plans the 150-unit, Gold LEED-certified Grove at Stapleton, I t is for residents 55 years or older.

Denver-based Zocalo Community Development plans the 150-unit, Gold LEED-certified Grove at Stapleton, It is for residents 55 years or older and is being designed by Kephart.

Not only did Seattle crush Denver in the Super Bowl, but a national report released on Monday found the Emerald City bested the Mile High City by another measure: green apartments.

An analysis by the Atlanta-based Apartment Guide, which has helped millions of people find apartments since it was founded in 1975, ranked Seattle No. 1 in its Top Metros for Green-Friendly Apartments report. The report includes new and existing apartment communities.

This time, Denver wasn’t second best, coming in ninth place on a top 10 list. Omaha, which recently has enjoyed a newfound cachet thanks to Peyton Manning, was ranked fifth.

“There are more apartment listings in Seattle that are considered “green communities” with offerings/certification such as LEED certification, energy-efficient windows, lighting and plumbing and drought-resistant landscaping to reduce water waste than in Denver,” said a New York-based spokeswoman for the company.

A survey of more than 200,000 renters released last November by the National Multi Housing Council found that 71 percent of the respondents had some interest in green practices and principles. Thirty-five percent of residents expressed a preference for both green principles and green practices to be adopted, while 23 percent required green practices and 14 percent required green design.

One developer at the time said apartment residents increasingly are expecting green features, as a way to save money, but they do not necessarily want to pay more for energy-saving  amenities.

Apartment Guide offered some consumer tips on saving energy:

  • Turn down the thermostat when you leave. By turning down a thermostat 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours, you can save up 15 percent, according to federal government estimates.
  • Check the weather-stripping around the doors and window. If it looks worn, contact your property manager of landlord. Also consider buying or making draft stoppers.
  • Consider installing insulated curtains and adding heavy area rugs to keep heat in your apartment. Insulated curtains keep warm air in during the cold season and hot air out during the warm season, reducing heat and cooling costs year round.
  • Caulk and seal area between the plumbing pipes and the wall and put insulation around the pipes.
  • Make sure the manager is cleaning and replacing furnace filters to maximize efficiency and possibly reduce the risk of a fire.
  • Prevent frost from forming on windows by running a dehumidifier at night. Air will become less moist, which will keep the frost from forming on your windows.

It also suggested some apps for a green lifestyle, including:

  •  iRecycle – provides access to more than 1.5 million ways to recycle plus the latest in green news and ideas to match your lifestyle.
  • Goodguide – makes it fast and easy to find safe, healthy and green products both in a store or on the go.
  • FindGreen – helps you find local businesses and resources to live a sustainable lifestyle.

Meanwhile, the spokeswoman, offered some solace to the Seattle Seahawks 43-8 trouncing of the Denver Broncos at Sunday’s Super Bowl.

“You guys had a great season. New York is currently facing its worst year in sports all around, so I feel your pain. “

Top Metro Areas for Green Apartments
San Antonio
San Francisco

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