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March home sales rise


“We’re seeing buyers and sellers moving early this year,” Kirby Slunaker. [...]

DHA chief lauded as solar champion

“Expanded use of solar power is good for the environment and good for our business, ” Ismael Guerrero. [...]

Loan payoffs drop as rates rise

“Mortgage rates are still low compared to where they were in 2008,” Ryan McMaken. [...]

Coldwell Banker: Luxury home sales up 18%

Word is finally getting out…that this is a great market to sell your home,” Chris Mygatt [...]

Church landmark moves forward; compromise sought

“History is not static. It is something we build upon as a community,” Tom Wootten. [...]

Hancock unveils art grants for neighborhoods

“You told us that Denver is an arts town,” Mayor Hancock [...]

Brookfield building in Solterra

“Home buyers…have an option for significant energy efficiency at a price and value previously unimagined,” Perry Cadman. [...]

CSU affiliates with Mexico center

“We will be able to provide one-of-a-kind learning and research experiences,” CSU president Tony Frank. [...]

Farming key at 8z

“Real estate is fundamentally a local and belly to belly business,” Lane Hornung. [...]

Colorado foreclosures fall

“It seems that overall totals may have bottomed out at the end of 2013,” Ryan McMaken. [...]