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DMAR: Home sales cool in August


“This a great time for buyers who may have missed out during the frenzy,” Anthony Rael. [...]

Hornung: Low rates can move on a dime

“Any other time in history, rates below 5 percent would be making headlines,” Lane Hornung. [...]

Case-Shiller: Denver ranks 12th

“The market is moderating,” Lane Hornung. [...]

Kentwood: Condo market hot

“Those numbers sound right on,” Dee Chirafisi. [...]

Rising rents: Time to buy?

“I’m sure a lot of renters would like to be homeowners,” Ryan McMaken. [...]

Spotlight on most expensive home sale in June

“Bottom line: homes sold over $5 million are very rare in Denver,” Dan Polimino. [...]

Hot rods to homes for Realtor

Gerry Fitzpatrick is spending more time mentoring young Realtors than selling homes these days. [...]

Rivers joins Universal Lending

“I love teams in general, and I love being part of the Universal Lending team in particular,” Reggie Rivers [...]

Case-Shiller: Denver home prices up 8.9%

“That house for how much?” Lane Hornung. [...]

Mortgage delinquencies drop

“I think we could all use some good news,” Jim Spray. [...]