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Kentwood: Condo market hot


“Those numbers sound right on,” Dee Chirafisi. [...]

Rising rents: Time to buy?

“I’m sure a lot of renters would like to be homeowners,” Ryan McMaken. [...]

Spotlight on most expensive home sale in June

“Bottom line: homes sold over $5 million are very rare in Denver,” Dan Polimino. [...]

Hot rods to homes for Realtor

Gerry Fitzpatrick is spending more time mentoring young Realtors than selling homes these days. [...]

Rivers joins Universal Lending

“I love teams in general, and I love being part of the Universal Lending team in particular,” Reggie Rivers [...]

Case-Shiller: Denver home prices up 8.9%

“That house for how much?” Lane Hornung. [...]

Mortgage delinquencies drop

“I think we could all use some good news,” Jim Spray. [...]

Kentwood: Luxury home sales soar in May

“May was a banner month,” Julie Winger. [...]

Case-Shiller: Denver prices up 9.1%

“The lack of supply, not affordability issues, remains the primary driver of this market,” Lane Hornung [...]

Record under contract fall explained

“These numbers that look so shocking and alarming on paper, and might be reported by the press, are more of an adjustment in way they are being accounted for than anything,” Anthony Rael. [...]