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Loan payoffs drop as rates rise


“Mortgage rates are still low compared to where they were in 2008,” Ryan McMaken. [...]

Number of brokers far off record

“When the recession hit, some licenses were not maintained,” Gary Bauer. [...]

Knight chair of CHFA


Charles Knight the new chair of CHFA. Knight has been on the board since 2011. Knight is involved in everything from real estate to solar.

Charles Knight

Lawyer and entrepreneur Charles Knight has been named the board chairman for the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority.


Wells Fargo provide $5.6 million

“Teachers should have the ability to live in the communities where they teach, officers the chance to live where they patrol,” Mayor Hancock. [...]

Loan payoffs slow in 4th quarter

“The fourth quarter of 2013 saw some big drops in release activity in response to interest rates heading up,” Ryan McMaken. [...]

Realtor's tips to buyers and sellers

“Price it right, make it show-ready, and hire a real estate team with exceptional marketing,” Dan Polimino. [...]

Case-Shiller: Denver prices rise 8.9%

“November’s numbers show some moderation,” Lane Hornung. [...]

Realtors sell almost 100,000 homes in Colorado

“Where are the homes?” Anthony Rael. [...]

RealtyTrac: Denver prices rise 10%

“I think prices are going to increase between 3% and 5% in 2014,” Gary Bauer. [...]

Assumable loans back

“Interest rates have nowhere to go but up,” Dan Polimino. [...]