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Coldwell: Luxury home rally


“The luxury home market continues to be very strong in the Denver metro area,” Chris Mygatt […]

CAR: Record home prices, shortage continues in March

“How does a first-time buyer compete?” Chris Mygatt […]

Koelbel, Thorn team up for 3rd TOD

“Affordable housing benefits more than just occupants,” George Thorn […]

Waterfront property offered in Breckenridge

“Nicest, closest river frontage I have seen,” Jeff Moore. […]

Steele Creek residents start to move in

“It’s emblematic of the renaissance in Cherry Creek,” Matt Joblon […]

Developer donations a hot topic

“Simply taking (developer) funds is neither unusual nor prima facie a conflict,” Floyd Cirulli. […]

Real estate ranked as top workplaces

“we were looking for a real estate brokerage that we wanted to work for and we couldn’t find one,” John Skrabec […]

Lane: 1st step. Hire a Realtor. 2nd step of buying a home is a challenge

“This is a real chicken and egg problem,” Lane Hornung. […]

Solar shines bright in state

“Solar PV installed today in Colorado is nearly as much as the entire country had installed by 2006,” Rhone Resch. […]

Clark on Case-Shiller, high housing prices

“Denver has had the highest housing prices of any city without a coast,” Tom Clark […]