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Metrolist adds feature


“In today’s complex real estate environment it is important for brokers and agents to have relevant and real-time data at their fingertips,” Kirby Slunaker. [...]

Apartment leaders want more condos

“You want consumers to have a wide-range of housing options,” Bobby Smith. [...]

CAR names leaders

“I’m…ready to make a difference for our members,” David Barber [...]

Fund targets Denver affordable housing

“The mission of the fund, to preserve and green affordable housing, is consistent with Denver’s new affordable housing policy,” Chuck Perry. [...]

Berkeley/Harvard: Hot high-end sales in RidgeGate

“We consider this to be the crown jewel of RidgeGate,” Rich Laws. [...]

Bark Bar to close its current site

“Now is the time to ‘spread our wings, bark loudly and play vigorously” Catherine Peter. [...]

RMI constructing super-green office

“Enough energy could be saved in one month to power New York City for an entire year,” Kathy Berg. [...]

Cities urged to follow Lakewood's leads on construction defects

“Not a single one of these new units will be owner occupied,” Mayor Bob Murphy. [...]

Zoning could shut Denver's Bark Bar

“The code could be changed through a public process that goes to City Council.” [...]

$100 million office tower coming to SE corridor

“All we had to do was look across the street,” Buz Koelbel. [...]