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Church gets historic designation


“This church is part of the West Highland DNA,” Betty Luce. […]

Kniech addresses RedPeak Project

“The prior zoning was R4, which did not have a restriction on the number of feet/stories a structure could be built to, even more dense than the new zoning, and without all the modern urban design requirements that are going to help us work with this developer to improve the look and feel of the property,” Robin Kniech. […]

Zachary Urban runs for Wheat Ridge City Council

Zachary Urban is running for Wheat Ridge City Council

Zachary Urban, who has seen the area home foreclosure crisis and mortgage-fraud problems from the trenches, hopes to translate his skills in dealing to grass-roots politics.

Zachary is running for Wheat Ridge City Council.. The election will is Tuesday, Nov. 3.

I have known Zachary […]