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Foreclosures fall to record low levels


“The market is pretty frothy,” Ryan McMaken. […]

Mortgage delinquencies drop

“I think we could all use some good news,” Jim Spray. […]

Foreclosures fall in May

“We’re looking at an eight-year low for May foreclosures,” Ryan McMaken. […]

Rental rates at record high

“Rent growth has accelerated in Northern Colorado and metro Denver over the past year,” Ryan Mcmaken. […]

Foreclosures fall 25%

“Foreclosure totals remain near 10-year lows,” Ryan McMaken. […]

Colorado Springs rents rise

“Rent growth has continued with a slowly-improving job market in the region,” Ryan McMaken. […]

Loan payoffs drop as rates rise

“Mortgage rates are still low compared to where they were in 2008,” Ryan McMaken. […]

Colorado foreclosures fall

“It seems that overall totals may have bottomed out at the end of 2013,” Ryan McMaken. […]

Statewide rents rise

“…rent is still growing for now,” Ryan McMaken. […]

Foreclosures fall in January

“It may be that foreclosure totals bottomed out…” Ryan McMaken. […]