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Colorado foreclosures fall


“It seems that overall totals may have bottomed out at the end of 2013,” Ryan McMaken. [...]

Statewide rents rise

“…rent is still growing for now,” Ryan McMaken. [...]

Foreclosures fall in January

“It may be that foreclosure totals bottomed out…” Ryan McMaken. [...]

Apartment rents rates rise in Springs

“New apartment unit construction does have an impact,” Ryan McMaken. [...]

Loan payoffs slow in 4th quarter

“The fourth quarter of 2013 saw some big drops in release activity in response to interest rates heading up,” Ryan McMaken. [...]

Foreclosures filings down 46%

“Colorado appears to be reaching the end of this foreclosure cycle,” Ryan McMaken. [...]

RealtyTrac: 125% jump in Colorado foreclosures

“Even if January’s filings total is double than of December, we’re still looking at a six or seven-year low,” Ryan McMaken [...]

Apartment vacancy rate hits 2-year high

“New units are arriving,” Mark Williams, [...]

Tight state apartment market

“Greeley has gone from being a market with only moderate demand to a very tight one,” Ryan McMaken. [...]

RealtyTrac: Fewer cash local cash buyers than in U.S.

“Lower and middle-income people aren’t often buying with cash,” Ryan McMaken [...]