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Apartment rents rates rise in Springs


“New apartment unit construction does have an impact,” Ryan McMaken. [...]

Rents set record in Springs

“Last year was one of the best years in Colorado Springs,” Kevin McKenna. [...]

Coldwell taps Rose for Springs office

“Tony is a seasoned real estate professional,” Chris Mygatt. [...]

Springs apartment rates highest ever

Employment driving higher rents, lower vacancies, Ryan McMaken. [...]

Apartment rents rise in Colorado Springs

“Year-over-year rent growth outpaced inflation,” Ryan McMaken. [...]

Apartment rents in Springs rise

“The average rent hit a new all-time high for the region during the fourth quarter, but there are nevertheless signs of softness in the market,” Ryan McMaken. [...]

Rents rising slower in Springs

“The weak employment situation in the region is not ideal for pushing rents, so we’re seeing some moderation there,” Ron Throupe. [...]

Rents rise in Springs

“The region saw some job growth during 2011, and that, coupled with little new multifamily construction, has sent the vacancy rate down to a 12-year low.” [...]

Apartment rents hit high in Springs

“This is some of the most solid rent growth we’ve seen in years,” Ron Throupe. [...]

Record rents in Colorado Springs

“Growth in both the average rent and the median rent has outpaced inflation over the past year, so we’re seeing some real growth which was expected now that many vacancy rates in the area have been cut in half over the past couple of years,” Gordon Von Stroh. [...]