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Colorado Springs rents rise


“Rent growth has continued with a slowly-improving job market in the region,” Ryan McMaken. [...]

Apartment rents rates rise in Springs

“New apartment unit construction does have an impact,” Ryan McMaken. [...]

Rents set record in Springs

“Last year was one of the best years in Colorado Springs,” Kevin McKenna. [...]

Coldwell taps Rose for Springs office

“Tony is a seasoned real estate professional,” Chris Mygatt. [...]

Springs apartment rates highest ever

Employment driving higher rents, lower vacancies, Ryan McMaken. [...]

Apartment rents rise in Colorado Springs

“Year-over-year rent growth outpaced inflation,” Ryan McMaken. [...]

Apartment rents in Springs rise

“The average rent hit a new all-time high for the region during the fourth quarter, but there are nevertheless signs of softness in the market,” Ryan McMaken. [...]

Rents rising slower in Springs

“The weak employment situation in the region is not ideal for pushing rents, so we’re seeing some moderation there,” Ron Throupe. [...]

Rents rise in Springs

“The region saw some job growth during 2011, and that, coupled with little new multifamily construction, has sent the vacancy rate down to a 12-year low.” [...]

Apartment rents hit high in Springs

“This is some of the most solid rent growth we’ve seen in years,” Ron Throupe. [...]