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Buzz strong on cinema at SLOANS


“That was kind of the No. 1 buzz topic, for sure,” Councilwoman Shepherd. [...]

St. Anthony development plan approved

“I think this is an important milestone,” Councilwoman Shepherd [...]

Shepherd thinks tower is under parked

“This could be a much bigger issue than this building,” Susan Shepherd. [...]

What is next in RedPeak case?

“I know this is incredibly disappointing for a lot of people,” Susan Shepherd. [...]

Judge's ruling adds wrinkle to RedPeak case

“It seems like a checkmate move,” Daniel Markofsky. [...]

St. Anthony's plan sparks debate

“Tremendous catalystic opportunity,” Councilwoman Shepherd. [...]

West Highland zoning trial delayed

“There were no improper dealings, bribes or motives.” [...]

Denver library branch to be sustainable

Library branch: “An incubator for growth.” [...]

Buffers sought for downtown bike lane

“It’s a little funny because I’m petitioning myself,” Councilwoman Susan Shepherd. [...]

Sustainable razing in store for St. Anthony's

“The neighborhood has been waiting and watching and planning for this for years,” Councilwoman Susan Shepherd. [...]