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Denver luxury home sales slow


“There is still a massive amount of interest in living downtown,” John Kniaa [...]

Case-Shiller: Denver ranks 12th

“The market is moderating,” Lane Hornung. [...]

RealtyTrac: Few all-cash deals in Denver

“I would have thought we had more cash buyers than the national average,” Gary Bauer. [...]

Record home market predicted

“The first-time home buyer market is just not there,” Anthony Rael. [...]

Denver home prices up 9%

” We have a strong market here in Denver, but we do not want appreciation to go through the roof,” Gary Bauer. [...]

Case-Shiller: Denver home prices up 8.9%

“That house for how much?” Lane Hornung. [...]

March home sales rise

“We’re seeing buyers and sellers moving early this year,” Kirby Slunaker. [...]

Kentwood brokers top $20 million

“They are truly an elite group of brokers,” Dee Chirafisi. [...]

Case-Shiller: Denver homes up 9%

“We do not have a demand problem. We have a supply problem,” Lane Hornung. [...]

Home prices up 10%; contracts down 18%

“We are optimistic about the 2014 real estate landscape,” Kirby Slunaker [...]