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SLOANS phone town hall on tap



Telephone town hall meeting on tap. Phone meeting will provide Q&A on SLOANS development. 12-story condo tower proposed.

A preliminary drawing by RNL of what the 12-story condo tower at SLOANS could look like.

Phones in Northwest Denver will be ringing at 6 p.m. on Nov. 13 for a “telephone town hall meeting” […]

Globeville site to be developed

“Crossroads Commerce Park will be a key driver,” Paul Washington. […]

TCR buys land at Sloans for 369 apartments

“We are super-excited about this,” Matthew Schildt. […]

Sloans celebration on tap

“This is just about giving back to the community,” Cameron Bertron. […]

Condos may be coming to St. Anthony's

“I would be very interested in what people have to say about it, once they see the drawings,” Councilwoman Shephere. […]

Guest column: Open your eyes to open space

“I certainly do not hate parks,” Chad Reischl. […]

Buzz strong on cinema at SLOANS

“That was kind of the No. 1 buzz topic, for sure,” Councilwoman Shepherd. […]

Sloans getting silver screen

“How cool is that? Very cool,” Stuart Miner. […]

St. Anthony's meeting tonight


A meet-the-developer meeting for St. Anthony’s is tonight. It begins at 5:30 p.m. The meeting is hosted by EFG, the land developer.

The developer of the former St. Anthony’s Hospital site, tonight is hosting the first public meeting with the developers of the first phase of the massive development near Sloan’s Lake.


St. Anthony development plan approved

“I think this is an important milestone,” Councilwoman Shepherd […]