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Foreclosures nosedive


Downward trend in foreclosures likely to continue, Ryan McMaken. [...]

Foreclosure activity slowed by rising market

“It’s almost a fight to get a home under contract these days,” Shannon Peer. [...]

Foreclosure filings fall 41%

“This is a large decline in foreclosure activity,” Ryan McMaken [...]

RealtyTrac ranks state 36th in foreclosures

Arguably, Colorado’s foreclosure crisis is over [...]

Foreclosure fall 43.6%

“It’s getting easier to sell a house to get out of trouble,” Ryan McMaken. [...]

Colorado foreclosures fall 28.5%, YOY

“Banks just aren’t making the risky loans they did before the foreclosure crisis,” Ryan McMaken. [...]

Foreclosure fall in Denver, state

“A year ago, it seemed every other conversation people in the industry were having was regarding the “shadow market,” Peter Niederman. [...]

Suthers releases settlement results

“By front-loading the mortgage relief, the settlement is helping stabilize the housing market in nationally and in Colorado,” John Suthers. [...]

Foreclosures fall 37%

“There are still going to be some ups and downs, but declines in foreclosures this year have been larger than what we expected,” Ryan McMaken. [...]

Colorado 8th for foreclosures

“Some of the decline in the sales is the natural echo of the big decline we saw in filings last year, but I think it’s also being sustained by an ongoing effort by lenders to push short sales and distressed sales more often as a way of avoiding final foreclosure,” Ryan McMaken. [...]