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Foreclosures fall 46%


“This foreclosure cycle has largely wound down,” Ryan McMaken. […]

Colorado ranked 25th for foreclosures


RealtyTrac releases October foreclosure report. Colorado is the median state, with half worse and half better. Colorado accounted for about 1% of all foreclosure activity last month.

Bank of America foreclosed on this home in Denver.

Despite a whopping 56.4 percent jump in foreclosure activity in October from September, Colorado ranked 25th in […]

Good news continues on foreclosure front

“The sharp jumps in foreclosure activity in some local markets may come as a surprise to some,” Darren Blomquist […]

Colorado 26th for foreclosures


RealtyTrac releases July foreclosure report. Colorado out-performs nation. State now back or below pre-recession activity.


Foreclosures may be dwindling in Denver, but they aren’t totally gone. The Bank of New York Mellon acquired this 1,101-square-foot home in July in a foreclosure, according to public records.

The era of Colorado being considered the […]

Univeral Lending loan officer a tour de force

“Peter was the tour de force,” Artie Lehl […]

RealtyTrac: Huge foreclosure drop in state, Denver

“Rising prices continue to help owners avoid foreclosures,” Ryan McMaken. […]

Realtors: It's not a bubble; rates remain low

New listings, rising rates may be new normal. […]

Boomerang Buyers buying homes

“Misinformation…is all over the map,” Jim Spray. […]

Foreclosures nosedive

Downward trend in foreclosures likely to continue, Ryan McMaken. […]

Foreclosure activity slowed by rising market

“It’s almost a fight to get a home under contract these days,” Shannon Peer. […]