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Hornung: Much to be thankful for in housing


“At 8z we are selling a lot of homes to Millennials,” Lane Hornung, […]

Liniger - It's not just low rates driving home sales

“If housing can stay on the road to recovery, it’s possible that it can pull the rest of the economy along with it,” Dave Liniger. […]

Mortgages being paid off in Colorado

“With mortgage rates at such low levels, there’s a big incentive to buy or refinance right now, assuming your loan gets approved,” Ryan McMaken. […]

12,000 Colorado homeowners in foreclosure program

“It seems to me if they are holding on to homes, they are tripping over dollars to get pennies,” Zachary Urban. […]

Historically low rates not enough

“Ten years ago, even a small decline in the mortgage rate would have produced quite a bit of new refinance and sales activity,” Ryan McMaken […]

Hornung: Holiday Home Cheer

“At 8z Real Estate, data transparency is one of our core values,” Lane Hornung. […]