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Realtor: Now is the time to get your home sale ready


“Houses fly off the shelf in April, May and June,” Dan Polimino […]

Time to talk Turkey about Realtors

“Can we honestly say that we have a better system?” Dan Polimino. […]

You're a Realtor. Now what?

“Set aside some money to be a real estate agent,” Dan Polimino. […]

Spotlight on most expensive home sale in June

“Bottom line: homes sold over $5 million are very rare in Denver,” Dan Polimino. […]

Realtor's tips to buyers and sellers

“Price it right, make it show-ready, and hire a real estate team with exceptional marketing,” Dan Polimino. […]

Assumable loans back

“Interest rates have nowhere to go but up,” Dan Polimino. […]

My kingdom for a good contractor

“It’s getting harder to find a good contractor,” Dan Polimino. […]

2 guys walk into a bar…Realtors the punchline


Dan Polimino’s guest column. Overheard conversation stirs angst. Freakonomics got it wrong.

By Dan Polimino

Special to InsideRealEstateNews.com.

Dan Polimino

Two guys walk into a bar.

Well, it really wasn’t a bar; it was more like a lunch counter. I was sitting there waiting for my meal to arrive when I overheard these […]

I was my mother's 3rd choice

“Change gears quickly…” Dan Polimino. […]

With no resales, builders take hard line

“It’s the simple law of supply and demand,” Dan Polimino. […]