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Landmark: Microcosm of hot condo market


“Happy wife, happy life.” Gregg Stone. […]

East West: Brisk sales at Landmark

“Living is easy at the Landmark,” Victoria Gartelos. […]

Modern units coming to Landmark

“The Signature Residences are East West Partners’ opportunity to put their signature on the Landmark development,” Amy Cara. […]

East West: Strong sales at Landmark

“Sales have definitely exceeded our expectations,” Brad Arnold. […]

Church may be razed

“Demolition…in favor of a newer, more sustainable structures which better accommodate current occupancy needs,” Brian Connolly. […]

East West new receiver for Landmark

“East West Partners is excited to bring the vision of The Landmark to fruition,” Amy Cara, […]

Landmark loan sold

“It is nice to have it squared way.” […]

Davidson decision worth millions to Landmark owners

“Tip of the iceberg,” Brian K. Matise. […]

Zack Davidson saga continues with court order

“The court strongly suspects that it was a much greater amount.” […]

Home where Buffalo Bill died hits market

We didn’t choose the house, it chose us,” Gary Ice. […]