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Case-Shiller: Denver ranks 11th


“We are slowly returning to a “normal” market,” Lane Hornung. [...]

Buyer-seller disconnect

“We are slowly trending back to a “no drama” market.” [...]

Hornung: Home sales subject to seasons

“The lack of supply is slowing the market down,” Lane Hornung. [...]

Hornung: Low rates can move on a dime

“Any other time in history, rates below 5 percent would be making headlines,” Lane Hornung. [...]

Case-Shiller: Home prices up 8.2%

“Quite simply, home prices are higher than they’ve ever been,” Lane Hornung. [...]

Hornung: Easing stress of bidding wars

“One strategy is to accept all of the offers on a single day,” Lane Hornung. [...]

Hornung: Think twice about DIY home sales

“A good broker can make you far more than 3 percent or 6 percent of the sales price,” Lane Hornung. [...]

Hornung: Rent instead of selling

“I believe Millennials who become Collectors today, will be in a very good place financially in 20 or 30 years,” Lane Hornung [...]

Farming key at 8z

“Real estate is fundamentally a local and belly to belly business,” Lane Hornung. [...]

Hornung: Sellers might want to consider contingency offers

“You absolutely need an experienced agent and not someone who is a hobbyist,” Lane Hornung. [...]