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Lane: All real estate is local


“A lot of markets in the West are heating up,” Lane Hornung. […]

Lane: 1st step. Hire a Realtor. 2nd step of buying a home is a challenge

“This is a real chicken and egg problem,” Lane Hornung. […]

Hornung: Tips on selling a home in a frenzied market

“A buyer might agree to waive the appraisal,” Lane Hornung. […]

Lane Hornung: Real Estate 101 on absorption

“We have a supply problem, not a demand problem,” Lane Hornung. […]

Photos key when selling home, Lane says

“Everyone looks at the photos,” Lane Hornung. […]

Hornung: Housing market remains strong

“The national Foot Traffic Index published by NAR Research and Sentrilock is skyrocketing,” Lane Hornung. […]

Hornung: Much to be thankful for in housing

“At 8z we are selling a lot of homes to Millennials,” Lane Hornung, […]

Hornung: Housing market healthy, but not frenzied

“The market is not as hot as it was, but it hasn’t dramatically cooled either,” Lane Hornung […]

Case-Shiller: Denver ranks 9th

“We are slowly returning to a “normal” market,” Lane Hornung. […]

Buyer-seller disconnect

“We are slowly trending back to a “no drama” market.” […]