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Farming key at 8z


“Real estate is fundamentally a local and belly to belly business,” Lane Hornung. [...]

Hornung: Sellers might want to consider contingency offers

“You absolutely need an experienced agent and not someone who is a hobbyist,” Lane Hornung. [...]

Hornung: Olympic-caliber brokers go for the gold

“You’re not going to win the Gold in snowboarding if you spend all of your time curling,” Lane Hornung. [...]

8z marks 4th year anniversary

“We are a purpose driven company,” Lane Hornung. [...]

2014 could be a good year for Denver housing

“(The Denver market is) actually setting new all-time highs,” Lane Hornung. [...]

Hornung's home holiday cheer

“Great gifts can come in small packages,” Lane Hornung. [...]

Home market no longer a turkey

“Owning a home is not just about the numbers,” Lane Hornung. [...]

Hornung on fixing a broken real estate system


Lane Hornung’s monthly Q&A. Hornung recently was on a national NAR panel. Hornung deals with fixing a broken real estate system.

Lane Hornung

“Real estate is broken and we are fixing it.”

That is the message that Lane Hornung delivered to an overflow audience attending the recent National Association of Realtors convention in [...]

Hornung on where the market is today

“You have to have a mindset of making all of your decisions up front,” Lane Hornung. [...]

Hornung: Fall home sales may not fall much

“No one is just kicking the tires,” Lane Hornung. [...]