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Coldwell Banker: Luxury home sales rise 19%


“We definitely need more properties to meet the strong demand,” Chris Mygatt […]

Kentwood: Luxury home sales soar

“Cherry Creek is on fire,” Peter Blank. […]

Luxury home sales pickup

“Buyers still see good value in the high-end of the market,” Chris Mygatt. […]

Coldwell: Luxury sales up 12.7%

“Sales continue to be good year over year,” Chris Mygatt. […]

Coldwell: Luxury home sales off

“Inventory levels are still low,” Chris Mygatt. […]

DMAR: $762 million in luxury sales and counting



DMAR releases its first luxury housing report. Report tracks sales of $1 million or more in 11 counties. Per square foot, condos are fetching more than homes.

Shown is the living room in a home in Cherry Hills that sold for $3.775 million in July.

Buyers snapped up a total of luxury […]

Luxury sales take a breather

“Instead of a frenzy, I think we are in a more typical, stable market,” Deviree Vallejo. […]

Spotlight on most expensive home sale in June

“Bottom line: homes sold over $5 million are very rare in Denver,” Dan Polimino. […]

Coldwell: Luxury home sales up 8%

“We’ve got the buyers ready to jump in…” Chris Mygatt […]

Kentwood: Luxury home dollar volume rises

Cherry Hills Village and Greenwood Village home sales are picking up […]