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Kentwood: Luxury home sales top $1 billion


“I think we are going to see this strong market continue,” Brendan Moran. […]

Coldwell Banker: Luxury home sales rise

“All signs point to a pretty healthy housing market as we approach the new year,” Chris Mygatt. […]

Kentwood: Luxury home sales up 34%

“It’s been a killer year,” Jennifer Markus. […]

Coldwell Banker: 27% jump in luxury sales

“The Denver metro area’s luxury market remains quick healthy,” Chris Mygatt […]

Luxury home sales up 35%, YTD


Kentwood releases luxury housing report. Four fewer homes sold in October from October 2012. YTD, luxury sales up 35%


This Cherry Hills estate sold for $2.9 million in October.

Luxury home sales in the Denver area dipped on a year-over-year basis in October for the first time this year.


Coldwell Banker: Luxury market up 6%

“The luxury housing market…is still moving forward,” Chris Mygatt. […]

Kentwood: Luxury housing market soars

“I think the luxury market is doing pretty well,” Jim Nussbaum. […]

Ravenna's vision remains

“It’s a remarkable piece of land,” S. Robert August. […]

Coldwell Banker: luxury home sales soar

“The market remains very strong,” Chris Mygatt. […]

Kentwood: Luxury home sales up 28.6%


Kentwood Real Estate releases August luxury home report. YTD, luxury sales hit $731.4 million. Rising rates less of an issue for high-end home buyers.

Jim Rhye sold this home for $3.5 million.

Jim Rhye sold a home last month in six hours for the full asking price.

Here is the kicker. The house […]