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Denver luxury home sales slow


“There is still a massive amount of interest in living downtown,” John Kniaa [...]

Condo market hot in Denver

“New listings are being absorbed as fast as they are coming on the market,” Peter Niederman. [...]

Home contracts up 6%

“The summer selling season was strong,” Kirby Slunaker. [...]

Record home prices in July

“The first-time home category is virtually non-existent,” Ryan Carter. [...]

Zillow-Trulia merger raises questions

“An algorithm is never going to replace the knowledge of a Realtor living in a neighborhood,” John Skrabec. [...]

Record home prices in June

“It is all good stuff,” Chris Behrens. [...]

Denver home prices up 9%

” We have a strong market here in Denver, but we do not want appreciation to go through the roof,” Gary Bauer. [...]

DMAR: Active listings drop 9%

“i would have to go with a 9 percent decline,” Anthony Rael. [...]

Metrolist: Active listing up 39%

“The market absorption rate highlights a high level of demand,” Kirby Slunaker. [...]

Kentwood: Luxury home sales soar in May

“May was a banner month,” Julie Winger. [...]