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Record home prices in July


“The first-time home category is virtually non-existent,” Ryan Carter. [...]

Zillow-Trulia merger raises questions

“An algorithm is never going to replace the knowledge of a Realtor living in a neighborhood,” John Skrabec. [...]

Record home prices in June

“It is all good stuff,” Chris Behrens. [...]

Denver home prices up 9%

” We have a strong market here in Denver, but we do not want appreciation to go through the roof,” Gary Bauer. [...]

DMAR: Active listings drop 9%

“i would have to go with a 9 percent decline,” Anthony Rael. [...]

Metrolist: Active listing up 39%

“The market absorption rate highlights a high level of demand,” Kirby Slunaker. [...]

Kentwood: Luxury home sales soar in May

“May was a banner month,” Julie Winger. [...]

Luxury home sales flat in April

“Too many homeowners are staying on the sidelines,” Chris Mygatt. [...]

Metrolist Snapshot of April

“It doesn’t matter whether the home in in Thornton or Longmont,” Sofia Lock., [...]

Record under contract fall explained

“These numbers that look so shocking and alarming on paper, and might be reported by the press, are more of an adjustment in way they are being accounted for than anything,” Anthony Rael. [...]