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Oakwood inks deal with SolarCity


“It’s easier than ever for buyers to say yes to green, clean energy,” Dwayne Montoya, [...]

Sanderman promoted at Oakwood

“Bob has been a valuable member of the Oakwood team,” Pat Hamill. [...]

White named president of Oakwood

“(White) will be an asset to the leadership of Oakwood Homes,” S. Robert August. [...]

Oakwood Homes will grow with $100 million investment

“I think I started Oakwood Homes with $1,500 in 1991,” Pat Hamill. [...]

Z Place opens in Green Valley Ranch

“We anticipate that Z Place will serve as a national model of how to systematically improve outcomes for children by creating a new model of success — one that ensures access to high quality and affordable early childhood education and comprehensive support services to help children grow into self-reliant, healthy and successful members of society,” Pat Hamill. [...]

Oakwood launches active community

So, far about half of the prospective buyers at Oakwood Homes’ planned Active-Adult community do not live in Green Valley Ranch. [...]

Oakwood sells 10,000 homes

“I’m living my dream,” Pat Hamill. [...]

Oakwood, DU students go green

“We really decided to push the envelope on building an energy efficient, sustainable house this year,” Frank Walke. [...]