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Lane: 1st step. Hire a Realtor. 2nd step of buying a home is a challenge


“This is a real chicken and egg problem,” Lane Hornung. […]

CoreLogic: Colorado No. 1 for home appreciation

“Colorado, and especially Denver, are hotter than ever,” Scott Webber. […]

IRES teams up with ListTrac

“ListTrac is fast becoming a must-have capability for every MLS,” CEO of IRES. […]

Time to talk Turkey about Realtors

“Can we honestly say that we have a better system?” Dan Polimino. […]

Oliver Frascona's life celebrated

“Oliver lived life with incredible gusto.” […]

Real estate brands top portals

“I don’t think most consumers understand that Zillow, Trulia and realtor.com are not real estate firms,” Gerry Fitzpatrick. […]

DMAR honors top Realtors


Realtor group honors its top performance. DMAR event drew 700. Group will replace old HQ with tech-savvy space.

Greg Geller

The Denver-area real estate brokers were honored on Thursday, in an event that drew hundreds of people from the industry.


5 habits of successful Realtors

“Having busy schedules doesn’t prevent the most successful Realtors from exercising,” Andy Fulton […]

2 guys walk into a bar…Realtors the punchline


Dan Polimino’s guest column. Overheard conversation stirs angst. Freakonomics got it wrong.

By Dan Polimino

Special to InsideRealEstateNews.com.

Dan Polimino

Two guys walk into a bar.

Well, it really wasn’t a bar; it was more like a lunch counter. I was sitting there waiting for my meal to arrive when I overheard these […]

Younger is better for realty firms

“Broker-owners and other top real estate executives are under pressure to find new talent,” Renwick Congdon. […]