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RE/MAX scores with Peyton Manning


“RE/MAX agents are among the most productive in real estate,” Dave Liniger […]

RE/MAX has a yen for Japan

“RE/MAX Japan was established just last year,” Dave Liniger. […]

RE/MAX CEO retires

“I’m proud of our many accomplishments,” Margaret Kelly. […]

Your salary was probably higher than Dave Liniger's

“Gail and I are…more focused on figuring out good ways to give away our money…than to accumulate more wealth,” Dave Liniger. […]

Less than a 2-month supply of homes in Denver

“They are pushing the market and then exceeding it,” Cheryl Sokol. […]

Denver's home inventory growing slowly

“The inventory environment continues to improve,” RE/MAX. […]

Real estate brands top portals

“I don’t think most consumers understand that Zillow, Trulia and realtor.com are not real estate firms,” Gerry Fitzpatrick. […]

RE/MAX: Denver lowest supply of homes in U.S.

“I concur that our inventory is minute,” Leslie Resnick. […]

RE/MAX adds South Korea

“RE/MAX is a brand that is known and respected around the world,” Heui Seong Shin […]

RE/MAX adds brokers, revenues but net income drops

“Our highly productive agents capitalized on the recovering housing market,” Margaret Kelly. […]