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Delwest opens TOD in Park Hill


“We are thrilled to be bringing this development to the market,” Joe DelZotto. […]

Developers launch $50 million Mayfair project

“It’s close to Trader Joe’s,” Anne Rosen. […]

How much is too much?

“The unknown leads to an increased level of risk,” Hilton Cohen. […]

Reluctant landlords creating shadow market

There is a growing “shadow market” fueled by reluctant landlords who are unable to sell their homes in this tough market, an owner of a residential property management company told InsideRealEstateNews.com today.

“These are the people who are renting their homes by default,” said Robert Alldredge, owner of Jericho Properties Realty in Lakewood. These are […]

Housing rental vacancy rate rises by 33.3 percent

This headline may have caught your attention.

But it’s no call to be alarmed.

The housing rental vacancy rate in the Denver area rose to 3.6 percent in the first quarter, compared with 2.7 percent in the first quarter of 2008. A little more than a one percentage point increase doesn’t sound like much, but […]