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RealtyTrac: Home prices up 8%



RealtyTrac releases November report. RealtyTrac finds Colorado prices higher than the overall U.S. RealtyTrac reports short sales account for only 1.5% of sales in Colorado.

This 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 1,805-square-foot home in Denver is priced at $244,900, close to the $243,000 median price of all homes sold in Colorado in November, according to RealtyTrac.


Distressed home sales sputter

“It is supply and demand,” Anthony Rael. […]

RealtyTrac: Fewer cash local cash buyers than in U.S.

“Lower and middle-income people aren’t often buying with cash,” Ryan McMaken […]

Distressed homes dwindle

“All of the active listings on the market are not distressed,” Peter Niederman. […]

American Dream goal of rebounding consumers

“Many just got caught in a bad spot at the wrong time,” Dan Polimino. […]

RealtyTrac ranks state 36th in foreclosures

Arguably, Colorado’s foreclosure crisis is over […]

Suthers releases settlement results

“By front-loading the mortgage relief, the settlement is helping stabilize the housing market in nationally and in Colorado,” John Suthers. […]

Liniger - It's not just low rates driving home sales

“If housing can stay on the road to recovery, it’s possible that it can pull the rest of the economy along with it,” Dave Liniger. […]

Liniger's letter to Obama, Romney

“In normal times, most of us would never consider forgiving unpaid tax bills, but these are not normal times,” Dave Liniger […]

Frascona gives brokers advice

Oliver Frascona offers technical advice to brokers.

By Oliver E. Frascona

Special to InsideRealEstateNews

A review of the Short Sale Addendum to the Buy/Sell Contact, Section 8.4, is needed to properly follow MLS rules. It also is a broker’s fiduciary duties to the seller and buyer.