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Council paves way for 12-story condo tower at Sloan's Lake


“I am very happy,” Trevor Hines. […]

SLOANS phone town hall on tap


Telephone town hall meeting on tap. Phone meeting will provide Q&A on SLOANS development. 12-story condo tower proposed.

A preliminary drawing by RNL of what the 12-story condo tower at SLOANS could look like.

Phones in Northwest Denver will be ringing at 6 p.m. on Nov. 13 for a “telephone town hall meeting” […]

TCR buys land at Sloans for 369 apartments

“We are super-excited about this,” Matthew Schildt. […]

Sloans celebration on tap

“This is just about giving back to the community,” Cameron Bertron. […]

Guest column: Open your eyes to open space

“I certainly do not hate parks,” Chad Reischl. […]

Buzz strong on cinema at SLOANS

“That was kind of the No. 1 buzz topic, for sure,” Councilwoman Shepherd. […]

St. Anthony development plan approved

“I think this is an important milestone,” Councilwoman Shepherd […]

Spirited debate on St. Anthony's fate

“I’m in a listening mode,” Susan Shepherd. […]

Ethics charge against architect groundless

“There is also no evidence that Mr. Buchanan took direct advantage, unavailable to others, relating to this project due to his Planning Board membership.” […]

Ambrose: Little to like about St. Anthony's plan

“Why do they want such height and density?” Larry Ambrose […]