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Case-Shiller: Denver homes ranks 6th


“Zillow is… one of the many so-called national experts that have consistently underestimated the strength of our market,” Lane Hornung […]

Case-Shiller: Denver homes at record highs

“Denver home prices set new record high….again,” Lane Hornung […]

Case Shiller: Home prices up 9.8%

“This market is starting to make sense,” Peter Niederman. […]

Case-Shiller: Denver homes up 9.9%

“People are such sheep,” Sonja Leonard Leonard. […]

Case-Shiller ranks Denver 4th best

“The more interesting issue is not what lies behind, as captured by the lagging Case-Shiller data, but what lies ahead,” Lane Hornung. […]

Denver No.6 in Case-Shiller

“Those of us who live and breathe real estate already knew that market demand was relatively strong in April based on showings, contracts, and closings,” Lane Hornung. […]

Hornung: Taking stock of homes

“If you buy at 2 percentage points to the upside, or 2 percentage points to the downside, over time, as the ups and downs smooth out, it will make very little difference,” Lane Hornung. […]

Case-Shiller: Home prices up 1.8%

“I like where our market stands right now. I really do.” Peter Niederman […]

Case-Shiller: Denver home values rise 6th consecutive month

“It’s all about “location, location, location,” while 60 days ago it was “timing, timing, timing,” Tom Cryer. […]

Case-Shiller: Denver market falls little from peak

“As of the October 2009 report, Denver’s rate of decline is close to flat, at -0.1%,and Dallas is not far behind, down only 0.6% on an annual basis,” S&P/Case-Shiller. […]