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Landmark: Microcosm of hot condo market


“Happy wife, happy life.” Gregg Stone. […]

Zack Davidson saga continues with court order

“The court strongly suspects that it was a much greater amount.” […]

Kentwood lands Landmark listing

“We selected Kentwood Real Estate because of its reputation,” Andrew S. Miller […]

Davidson's lawyer, accountant and broker sued

“i will say this is not true,” Rike Palese. […]

Why disgraced developer killed himself in Florida unanswered

“The case is ongoing,” Denise Moloney. […]

Landmark developer commits suicide

“He was a tormented soul.” […]

Once high-flying developer indicted

“I always want to jump in the deep end,” Zach Davidson. […]

RedPeak dominated 2012 real estate news

Here is a view of the boarded up and fenced in church where RedPeak plans an apartment community. A portion of the church would be demolished.


A lot of people read about RedPeak on InsideRealEstateNews.com last year.


Landmark plans to reorganize, not liquidate

Landmark open for business […]

Landmark developer updates bankruptcy

A judge in the Landmark bankruptcy trial has approved a motion to allow the developer to use $120,899 in cash for day-to-day operations.

The judge also has allowed the developer’ to pay a potential $300,000 “break up fee” to Carmel Landmark LLC, which plans to provide $15 million in financing to the high-rise condo project […]